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After trying out a bunch of online logging services I’ve really come to enjoy and rely on Logentries so I whipped up a library for Golang to support the service. It uses the token-based input and has the option to use SSL.

Take a look below.



go get github.com/robottokauf3/go-logentries

Basic Usage

package main
import (
func main() {
    // Using standard TCP connection
    logger, _ := logentries.New("1a2b3c4d-5e6f-7g8h-9i0j-1k2l3m4n", false)
    logger.Debug("Important Debugging Message")

    // Using SSL connection
    sslLogger, _ := logentries.New("1a2b3c4d-5e6f-7g8h-9i0j-1k2l3m4n", true)
    sslLogger.Debug("Secret Debugging Message")
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