Visual Studio Code Setup For Elixir Development

Visual Studio code is a solid editor out of the box and with a few tweaks it can provide an excellent development experience for the Elixir language.

4 minute read

I started using Visual Studio Code about a year ago while experimenting with TypeScript. It provides a great development experience for many of my go to languages and it has slowly replaced Emacs as my preferred editor. The following post breaks down the various extensions and tweaks which I use for Elixir development.

Elixir Code Generator for Paw

Paw extension for Elixir code generation with the HTTPoison library.

1 minute read

I really love the Paw HTTP client. One of my favorite features is the ability to export requests in a variety of languages to share with other developers or drop into a quick project.

3 minute read

AngularJS is a powerful library that allows you to create some amazing applications with relative ease. Unfortunately as the project grows, organization and structure start to become an issue. I’ve played around with a few bundlers and decided that Webpack fit my needs on my large AngularJS projects. Below I’ll show you how you can manage your JS code using Webpack while automatically including new files and having the ability to output both expanded and minified code for your…

Recursively Include Routes in Node.js and Express

Sick of having either massive controller files or 50 million require statements in your Express applications? Here's a simple trick to load everything with 1 line.

2 minute read

Organizing Node.js applications can be a chore. They either have massive route / controller files which cover way too many concerns or they are broken into smaller files with 50 million require statements.

Guard LiveReload and CSS @import

Guard LiveReload is an amazing tool to speed up your web development but doesn't reload CSS files linked using @import. Luckily there is an easy fix!

1 minute read

Let me preface this post with the following statement: Don’t use @import for CSS files! It blocks parallel downloading so your browser has to wait for the CSS files to load before moving on.