Guard LiveReload and CSS @import

Guard LiveReload is an amazing tool to speed up your web development but doesn't reload CSS files linked using @import. Luckily there is an easy fix!

1 minute read

Let me preface this post with the following statement: Don’t use @import for CSS files! It blocks parallel downloading so your browser has to wait for the CSS files to load before moving on.

Unfortunately, sometimes you are stuck using @import and if you are also using Guard::LiveReload you will notice that your browser is not using the updated stylesheets when you save them.

To fix that simply set the apply_css_live option as false in your GuardFile

guard 'livereload', :apply_css_live => false do
  watch(%r{/*.php })

Guard::LiveReload will now do a full refresh of the browser instead of applying the CSS live. It’s a little clunkier than when you are using CSS from link tags but at least you don’t have to hit F5.

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